Privacy Policy
Your privacy is under our protection.

Our privacy policy is very straightforward. Any data shared with us by you, remains with us only. We do not involve in selling, renting, lending, or otherwise sharing your private data to anybody for any purpose. That covers your personal contact information and data associated with your order as well.

We utilize cookies in Privacy Policy, hence by continuing using this website and clicking "Accept", you acknowledge that you have familiarized with and agree our Cookie Policy and Personal Data Use Policy, as well as with processing of your personal data listed in Personal Data Processing agreement. You can reject data collection and processing for ads targeting by denying cookies files saving in your browser settings.

Only limited public can get access from us.

In our company, only selected staff with special rights of access can obtain your private information. Even though we may sometimes collect common demographic data from your order, that data remains available inside our company only and does not contain any identifiable private information related to it.

Obtained Data

In order to place an order via our website, we may require your specific data, such as: Your First Name, Your Last Name, Your Address, City, Zip code, State, Country, Phone Number as well as Your E-mail address.
Besides that, our system collects specific data related to the internet connection of your device, such as IP address whenever you enter our website. Your IP address has no relation to your personal data whatsoever. We utilize this data to provide you with our web pages once you submit your request, as well as to ensure our website corresponds to your preferences, to monitor the number of visitors and to keep track of the geolocations of those visitors.
We restrict access to any unauthorized personnel or companies, including members, visitors or anybody outside our company, so they are unable to use any data collected about you.

Personal Data Changes

You are free to change your private details via Edit Profile section of our website at any time.

Sharing Personal Data

We never get involved in selling, bartering, or sharing your personal data to anybody. Though specific data is required to be shared with companies providing courier services, processing credit card payments, carrying out vending services and others, which is necessary for them to carry out your order request. Besides that, personal data may also be required by legal authorities to carry out fraud screening to ensure security of our website, staff, management team, clients, members and other partners related to us.

Personal Data Utilization

The major utilization of personal data obtained from you includes your email, which is utilized to deliver the notification about approved/completed order of yours. Besides that, your email address is utilized to share updates with you regarding any questions of yours as well as distributed newsletters. Any other personal data collected, remains fully confidential and is not subject to disclosure, unless there is a request by legal authorities or in event of any arguments.